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Tegan Moersfelder
a month ago
I've walked into a bunch of vape shops in the past, and never really felt welcomed at them. This is the first shop that I actually didn't feel that "vape snob" feel when I walked in. I'm not hard core about it, and I don't know much about the Vape Life, aside from the fact that it helps me keep my sanity. They were very helpful and patient with me :) plus they have a lot of tasty Juices.
Phil Grisaffi
a month ago
They very customer friendly, n they don't try to dig in your pocket, n take your money. Every time I had a problem with my device, they fixed it for free, n didn't even asked me if I bought it from them. You feel good after doing business with their establishment.

Nicholas Sherlock
3 months ago
Jeff and his staff are amazing very knowledgeable and professional. Saved me a time and money. Corrected previous lies I was told and set me on the right path. My Favorite Vape shop in the New Orleans area
Kevin Giordano
7 months ago
Clanton was phenomenal helper with sales. I even tipped him for how amazing he was helping a noon to vaping such as myself. Will do business again for sure. Samples are free. And u walk out knowing ur product. And the liquid flavor is in house made so it's fresh not sitting in a warehouse. I was happy with my spend.
Blake Lagarde
5 months ago
Never leave reviews but I feel the need to with these guys. Incredibly helpful and won't steer you in the wrong direction or feed you BS. Highly recommended.
Shannon Kerr
5 months ago-
VERY HELPFUL AND KNOWLEDGEABLE customer service!!! Great prices and wonderful e juice selections! :-)
a month ago
Great service. Goes above and beyond