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Can I use electronic cigarettes anywhere I want?

That depends on the laws of your state and the establishment. Some business may not allow you to use the devices in their establishment, as is their right. Some states are trying to not only include electronic cigarettes in indoor smoking bans, but ban them altogether. CASAA is fighting these proposed bans.

The City of New Orleans and Orleans Parish has included Vaping in all areas where the Smoking Ban is established. It is only allowed in designated areas. Jefferson Parish has not yet passed a Smoking ban and it is left to the discretion of the establishment as to whether or not Smoking and Vaping are allowed.

Join The Fight for Vapers Rights

CASAA aggressively fights and coordinates grassroots opposition against legislation that would unreasonably restrict the use, availability or effectiveness of vapor products, or in any way make vapor products a less attractive or acceptable alternative for smokers. CASAA has provided extensive testimony to FDA, in written comments, committee testimony, presentations at public meetings and in private meetings. We have made clear that the tobacco control community does not represent consumers, real public health, or the public interest.

For more information on becoming involved visit:

CASAA: www.casaa.org

Not Blowing Smoke: www.notblowingsmoke.org

American Vaping Association: www.vaping.org

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