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640117772089   11" Hookah Pipe
0113_uptown   7Uptown
640117772423   9" Pumpkin Hookah Pipe
0106_Chiquita   Abita Chiquita
0100_apple   Acadian Apple
0102_accident   Accidental Voodew
0055_Albino   Albino Alligator
100_Aqua   Aqua Vitae
0008_Arctic   Arctic Mint-issippi
0044_Audapp   Audubon Apple Pie
6892021000701   Avalon Hookah Pipe- X70
0098_baby   Baby Cakes
0042_Bacchus   Bacchus Bundt Cake
0123_backwoods   Backwoods Bear
0110_circus   Barnum & Baton Rouge Circus
0082_Baton   Baton Bleu Jolly
0001_smores   Bayou S’Mores
0087_Banana   Bengal Banana
0018_Berries   Berries on the Water
101_Bezoar   Bezoar
0051_Birth   Bienville Birthday Cake
0059_black   Black Bear
0028_Widow   Black Widow
0127_bontemps   Blackberry Bon Temps
0115_butter   Bogue Chitto Butter
0060_brown   Brown Bear
0061_bucktown   Bucktown Bear
0128_bon   Ca C'est Bon
0062_cabildo   Cabildo Berry Crunch
0031_Coolaide   Cajun Coolaide
0039_Cola   Canal Cola
191554889057   Candy Hookah Tips
0002_Cap   Cap in the Bluegrass
0027_Pomme   Caramel de Pomme
0009_Chiller   Carondalet Chiller
281204050067   Ceramic Replacement Hookah Charcoal Bowl
0105_chalmint   Chal-Mint
0119_bark   City Park Bark
0081_Causeway   Cocktail on the Causeway
0011_Cool   Cool Cowboy
0022_cowboy   Cowboys and Cream
0130_calli   Crème de Calliope
0120_cider   Cran Apple in Cider
0118_brulee   Creole Brulee
0047_Creole-King   Creole King
0013_Cocktail   Crescent City Cocktail
0052_Custard   Custard-y Lee
0065_cookiedoe   Dat Cookie Doe
0124_dat-cow   Dat Cowboy
0025_Dew   Death Valley Dew
0054_DeyAll   Dey All Axed for You
0068_disdat   Dis Fruit, Dat Loop
0014_Dragonfly   Dragonfly
281204050133   DUD Bling-Bling Hookah Pipe
102_Dulcify   Dulcify
0084_Ecteau   Ecteaux-Plasm
0091_Donut   Fais Do Donut
0032_Fleur   Fleur de Tea
0012_Fresh   Fresh Cowboy
0083_Frozen   Frozen Mint-issippi
0016_French   Fruity Frenchman
036663955661   Fumari Pure Coconut Hookah Coal
281204050077   G Star 2 Hose Hookah Pipe
0038_Grapes   Geaux Grapes!
0114_grap   Grappafalaya
0096_PRogue   Great P'Rogue
0093_Gris   Gris, Gris
0067_gummy   Gummy Gator
0121_ginger   House of the Rising Ginger
0069_hueyp   Huey P. Buttercup
0056_Hazel-Nut   Hurricane Hazel-Nut
0104_rootbeer   J & W Rootbeer
0071_Jackson   Jackson Squares
0089_Trio   Jazz Trio
0072_juicy   Juicy-licious
0017_Kenna   Kenna Kiwi-Berry
0030_Cumber   Krewe of Cumber
0092_Lime   Lafreniere Lime
0103_Lagniappe   Lagniappe
0033_Lemonade   Lakeshore Lemonade
0097_lc   Lewis & Clark
0010_Andes   Louisi-Andes Mint
0107_lundi   Lundi Gras Mint
0094_Mint   Mardi Gras Mint
0026_Mango   Marigny Mango Tango
0006_mellow   Mellow Mint-issippi
0015_Mambo   Melon Mambo
0074_metry   Met-tree Melon
0005_mighty   Mighty Mint-issippi
0085_Milk-and-Honey   Milk and Honey Island
0109_bop   MMM Bop
0076_mojito   Mojito on Magazine
0108_monkey   Monkey Hill Dew
0099_musk   Musk-querade Madness
640117723616   Mya NOCHE 132
0035_Cafe   NOLA Cafe au Lait
0058_Nanas   Northshore Nana's Foster
0023_Oak-Apple   Oak Apple Pom-tation
0095_orange   Orleans Orange
0020_Peachy   Peachy Parish
0125_pear   Pear-ataria
0088_Pistachio   Pistachio in the Pines
0021_PlayinBlues   Playin' Blues with my Honey
0077_parfait   Ponchatoula Parfait
0048_PBJ   Poor Boy and Jelly
0004_pelicorn   Poppin Pelicorn
281204050076   Premium™ Hookah Pipes- US 1992
848146005110   Premium™ Hookah Pipes- US 6940E
0007_ragin   Ragin' Mint-issippi
0078_razz   Razz Fest
281204050001   Replacement Hookah Tips
0057_Rhythm   Rhythm and Blueberry
0029_rainbow   Riverwalk Rainbow
0116_bourbon   Rue Bourbon
0101_rugged   Rugged Cowboy
0053_Rumpart   Rumpart Pudding
0043_Snickerdoodle   Satchmo's Snickerdoodle
0111_slice   Second Line Slice
0075_levee   Sex on the Levee
0041_Shortcake   Shortcake Named Desire
103_Soli   Solifaction
0049_Some-Moa   Some Moa Deez Cookies
0117_belle   Southern Belle
0003_so_brez   Southern Breeze
0034_Smoothie   Southern Sweet Smoothie
0112_sports   Sportsman's Paradise
0064_chco   St. Charles Choco-Nut
683964900465   Starlight Charcoal 33mm Coals
0079_steam   Steam and Smoke
0090_Zydeco   Strawberry Zydeco
104_Sub   Sublimation
0037_Swamp   Swamp Water
0129_funct   Tchefuncteloupe
0122_tchoco   Tchocotoulas Orange
281204050022   Three Kings 33mm Hookah Charcoal
0036_Tigre   Tigre Rouge
0086_Mint-Tea   Toulouse Mint Tea
0126_Creme   Vieux Carré Crème
0040_Wafdat   Waf 'dat Pie
0050_Waffle   Wakeboard Waffle
0045_Lime-Pie   West End Lime Pie
0046_Where-Yat   Where Y'at
091128911033   Zebra Hookah Pipes- Amal
753359761442   Zebra Hookah Pipes- Freddy
091128910012   Zebra Hookah Pipes- Luxor
091128910449   Zebra Hookah Pipes- Soldier
0080_zulu   Zulu Colada

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