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0113_uptown   7Uptown
0106_Chiquita   Abita Chiquita
0100_apple   Acadian Apple
0102_accident   Accidental Voodew
0055_Albino   Albino Alligator
100_Aqua   Aqua Vitae
0008_Arctic   Arctic Mint-issippi
amighty   Asmodus Amighty Mod
colossal   Asmodus Colossal Mod
lustro   Asmodus Lustro Mod
minikin2   Asmodus Minikin V2 Mod
atlantis   Aspire Atlantis
breeze   Aspire Breeze
breezenxt   Aspire Breeze NXT
cleito   Aspire Cleito
cleito120   Aspire Cleito 120
cleito120t   Aspire Cleito 120 Tank
nautilus   Aspire Nautilus
nautilus2s   Aspire Nautilus 2S Tank
odan   Aspire Odan
odan1   Aspire Odan Tank
spryte   Aspire Sprtye
triton   Aspire Triton
0044_Audapp   Audubon Apple Pie
avb21700   Avatar AVB 21700 Battery
0098_baby   Baby Cakes
0042_Bacchus   Bacchus Bundt Cake
0123_backwoods   Backwoods Bear
0110_circus   Barnum & Baton Rouge Circus
0082_Baton   Baton Bleu Jolly
0001_smores   Bayou S’Mores E-Juice
0087_Banana   Bengal Banana
0018_Berries   Berries on the Water
101_Bezoar   Bezoar
0051_Birth   Bienville Birthday Cake
0059_black   Black Bear
0028_Widow   Black Widow
0127_bontemps   Blackberry Bon Temps
0115_butter   Bogue Chitto Butter
0060_brown   Brown Bear
0061_bucktown   Bucktown Bear
0128_bon   Ca C'est Bon
0062_cabildo   Cabildo Berry Crunch
0031_Coolaide   Cajun Coolaide
0039_Cola   Canal Cola
0002_Cap   Cap in the Bluegrass
0027_Pomme   Caramel de Pomme
0009_Chiller   Carondalet Chiller
0105_chalmint   Chal-Mint
0119_bark   City Park Bark
0081_Causeway   Cocktail on the Causeway
0011_Cool   Cool Cowboy
0022_cowboy   Cowboys and Cream
0130_calli   Crème de Calliope
0120_cider   Cran Apple in Cider
0118_brulee   Creole Brulee
0047_Creole-King   Creole King
0013_Cocktail   Crescent City Cocktail
0052_Custard   Custard-y Lee
0065_cookiedoe   Dat Cookie Doe
0124_dat-cow   Dat Cowboy
dow_01   Deal of the Week
0025_Dew   Death Valley Dew
0054_DeyAll   Dey All Axed for You
0068_disdat   Dis Fruit, Dat Loop
dotbox   Dotmod DotBox 200 Mod
dottank   Dotmod DotTank 24mm
0014_Dragonfly   Dragonfly
102_Dulcify   Dulcify
0084_Ecteau   Ecteaux-Plasm
luc4   eFest LUC 4 Bay Charger
lush2   eFest LUSH 2 Bay Charger
ego   eGo Charger
ello   eLeaf ELLO Vate Tank
hw   eLeaf HW
ipower   eLeaf iPower 80W
melo   eLeaf MELO 300
melo300   eLeaf Melo 300 Tank
0091_Donut   Fais Do Donut
0032_Fleur   Fleur de Tea
firelukemesh   Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro
firelukemeshpro   Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro Tank
0012_Fresh   Fresh Cowboy
0083_Frozen   Frozen Mint-issippi
0016_French   Fruity Frenchman
0038_Grapes   Geaux Grapes!
aegislegend   Geek Vape Aegis Legend
aegismini   Geek Vape Aegis Mini
aegisolo   Geek Vape Aegis Solo
aegisx   Geek Vape Aegis X
0114_grap   Grappafalaya
0096_PRogue   Great P'Rogue
0093_Gris   Gris, Gris
0067_gummy   Gummy Gator
Falcon   HorizonTech Falcon Coils
falcon1   HorizonTech Falcon Tank
0121_ginger   House of the Rising Ginger
0069_hueyp   Huey P. Buttercup
0056_Hazel-Nut   Hurricane Hazel-Nut
0104_rootbeer   J & W Rootbeer
0071_Jackson   Jackson Squares
2006_jc4   Japanese Cotton
0089_Trio   Jazz Trio
grip   Joyetech Exceed Grip
notch   Joyetech Notch
proC   Joyetech Pro-C
procoreair   Joyetech ProCore Air Plus Tank
0072_juicy   Juicy-licious
0017_Kenna   Kenna Kiwi-Berry
0030_Cumber   Krewe of Cumber
0092_Lime   Lafreniere Lime
0103_Lagniappe   Lagniappe
0033_Lemonade   Lakeshore Lemonade
0097_lc   Lewis & Clark
he4   LG HE4 Yellow 18650 Battery
hg2   LG HG2 Brown 18650 Battery
oriongo   Lost Vape Orion GO 40W DNA Kit
orion   Lost Vape Orion GO DNA Pods
0010_Andes   Louisi-Andes Mint
0107_lundi   Lundi Gras Mint
0094_Mint   Mardi Gras Mint
0026_Mango   Marigny Mango Tango
0006_mellow   Mellow Mint-issippi
0015_Mambo   Melon Mambo
0074_metry   Met-tree Melon
0005_mighty   Mighty Mint-issippi
0085_Milk-and-Honey   Milk and Honey Island
0109_bop   MMM Bop
0076_mojito   Mojito on Magazine
0108_monkey   Monkey Hill Dew
0099_musk   Musk-querade Madness
0035_Cafe   NOLA Cafe au Lait
0058_Nanas   Northshore Nana's Foster
0023_Oak-Apple   Oak Apple Pom-tation
0095_orange   Orleans Orange
0020_Peachy   Peachy Parish
0125_pear   Pear-ataria
0088_Pistachio   Pistachio in the Pines
0021_PlayinBlues   Playin' Blues with my Honey
0077_parfait   Ponchatoula Parfait
0048_PBJ   Poor Boy and Jelly
0004_pelicorn   Poppin Pelicorn
0007_ragin   Ragin' Mint-issippi
0078_razz   Razz Fest
0057_Rhythm   Rhythm and Blueberry
0029_rainbow   Riverwalk Rainbow
0116_bourbon   Rue Bourbon
0101_rugged   Rugged Cowboy
0053_Rumpart   Rumpart Pudding
sam21700   Samsung 30T 21700 Battery
0043_Snickerdoodle   Satchmo's Snickerdoodle
0111_slice   Second Line Slice
0075_levee   Sex on the Levee
0041_Shortcake   Shortcake Named Desire
band   Silicone Vape Band
tfv12   SMOK TFV12
tfv12-prince   SMOK TFV12 Prince
princemesh   SMOK TFV12 Prince MESH
tfv16   SMOK TFV16
tfv8   SMOK TFV8
tfv8-baby   SMOK TFV8 Baby
tfv8-baby-0001   SMOK TFV8 Baby - M2
tfv8-baby-0002   SMOK TFV8 Baby - Q2
tfv8-baby-0003   SMOK TFV8 Baby - Q4
tfv8-baby-0004   SMOK TFV8 Baby - T6
tfv8-baby-0005   SMOK TFV8 Baby - T8
tfv8-baby-0006   SMOK TFV8 Baby - X4
xbaby   SMOK X-Baby
103_Soli   Solifaction
0049_Some-Moa   Some Moa Deez Cookies
0117_belle   Southern Belle
0003_so_brez   Southern Breeze
0034_Smoothie   Southern Sweet Smoothie
0112_sports   Sportsman's Paradise
0064_chco   St. Charles Choco-Nut
0079_steam   Steam and Smoke
0090_Zydeco   Strawberry Zydeco
104_Sub   Sublimation
air   Suorin AIR
drop   Suorin Drop
edge   Suorin Edge
edgekit   Suorin Edge Kit
0037_Swamp   Swamp Water
0129_funct   Tchefuncteloupe
0122_tchoco   Tchocotoulas Orange
2004_tt1f   Tiger Tail Wick 1ft
2005_tt5f   Tiger Tail Wick 5ft
0036_Tigre   Tigre Rouge
0086_Mint-Tea   Toulouse Mint Tea
Crown3   UWELL Crown III Coils
Crown4   UWELL Crown IV Coils
crownIV   Uwell Crown IV Tank
0126_Creme   Vieux Carré Crème
drag2   VooPoo Drag 2 Platinum Kit
dragmini   VooPoo Drag Mini Mod
0040_Wafdat   Waf 'dat Pie
0050_Waffle   Wakeboard Waffle
0045_Lime-Pie   West End Lime Pie
0046_Where-Yat   Where Y'at
0080_zulu   Zulu Colada

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